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CareLink @ Super Sunday

                                                       CareLink @ Super Sunday:  A Community Day of Caring




December 4, 2011


Alex Aidekman Jewish Community Campus

901 Route 10, Whippany


Feel how good it feels to give back! 



More information coming soon.

Join the Morris County Connection, United Jewish Communities of MetroWest, the Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life and Jewish Family Service for a Super Sunday afternoon filled with community service projects appropriate for families. 



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Purim on Parade

Purim Palooza

Don't miss out on this great event!

February 26, 2012




Details coming soon. . .

Questions? Reply.
Jill Felton


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The Florence Melton School

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning

Do Jews believe in an afterlife?
Does the creation story in the Bible conflict with Darwinism?
Do the biblical texts written thousands of years ago relate to my life today? Do Jews believe in fate?

If the answers to these questions intrigue you, or if you have other questions about Judaism, consider attending JCC MetroWest's Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning.

The Melton School is a two-year adult learning experience taught by experienced adult educators with classes meeting once a week for 30 weeks during the school year.

Each session includes two one-hour classes with a break for coffee and informal discussion. Graduates receive a Certificate of Jewish Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and are invited to participate in a special seminar in Israel. There are no prerequisites, grades, exams or homework.

Classes meet at several locations throughout the MetroWest community with morning and evening options. The curriculum is based on the Bible and rabbinic writings and presents a series of viewpoints across the Jewish spectrum.

The Florence Melton School is the place to be for adults who want to feel at home with their heritage by increasing their Jewish literacy and especially for parents who want to be able to nurture their children's spiritual growth & development.

For more information contact Rhonda Lillianthal at 973-530-3519


Morris County Classes

(for complete listing of classes click here)

Year One

Thursday Morning • 10:00 - 11:00am **

Mt. Freedom Jewish Center, Randolph
September 8, 2011 - May 24, 2012

**This class will only meet for one hour and will cover half the curriculum.  (Cost is $350 members and $400 non-members)

Year 2

Thursday Evening • 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Adath Shalom, Morris Plains
September 15, 2011 - June 7, 2012

Graduate Class

Thursday Morning • 9:30am - 11:30am

Adath Shalom, Morris Plains
September 15, 2011 - June 7, 2012

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Grandparent's Circle

Grandparent's Circle

The Grandparent's Circle is a FREE education and support program for grandparents whose adult children have intermarried. These grandparents often feel unsure of how they can cultivate the Jewish identities of their grandchildren, especially when it is not always clear as to whether or not those children are being raised as Jews.

What is Grandparent's Circle?

The Grandparent's Circle is a comprehensive program that offers grandparents skills and techniques to nurture, and in some cases establish, their interfaith grandchildren's Jewish identities. It also provides participants with a supportive and open-minded environment to share their achievements, express their frustrations and acknowledge their challenges.

Through the Grandparent's Circle course, participants will understand how they can be Jewish role models for their grandchildren by sharing Jewish behaviors and actions with their grandchildren in a natural, uncontrived way. Participants will learn the impact of using a variety of means to regularly communicate with their grandchildren and how to incorporate Judaism into those communications. Participants will understand the necessity of learning about their grandchildren's interests and will understand the importance of incorporating their grandchildren's interests into Jewish activities in which they engage their grandchildren.

By reflecting on their own Jewish experiences, participants will be able to share with their grandchildren through engaging and exciting storytelling techniques and will recognize ways they can include their grandchildren in Jewish activities in which they already take part. Most importantly, participants will learn to create meaningful and engaging Jewish experiences to share with their grandchildren.

Classes Now Forming for Fall 2011

For more information on joining our circle, please contact Dana Lichtenberg at or 973-929-2936.

Read more about the Grandparent's Circle in this article published in the Forward.

Grandparent's Circle National Listserv

The Grandparent's Circle National Listserv is an online discussion group that allows Jewish grandparents with interfaith grandchildren to share their experiences with each other - as easy as sending email! The National Listserve is a place to ask questions and get practical answers. The listserve is open to all Jewish grandparents with interfaith grandchildren whether or not they have taken the course. Sign up here.

Still Need More Information?

Read testimonials here.

Check out the Grandparent's Circle National website

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Mother's Circle

Are you a mother raising Jewish children...but you're not Jewish?

Don't do it alone!!!!!

The Mother's Circle is an umbrella of FREE educational programs and resources for non-Jewish women raising Jewish children within the context of intermarriage or committed relationship.

There are three levels of participation for The Mother's Circle

1. Mother's Circle: The Course focuses on Jewish rituals, traditions, ethics, and the how-to's of creating a Jewish home. Through the course participants are able to connect with women who are in similar situations. The curriculum combines both learning and sharing. The course facilitator brings knowledge and experience, but the participants shape the dialogue as they bring their various experiences and backgrounds to the group.

2. National Listserv: The listserv is a moderated discussion allowing women across the country to share their experiences with other women like themselves. The listserv is the best place to ask questions and get practical answers. Sign up here

3. Fun Family Events: Events will be sponsored by The Mother's Circle in our community. These events will provide the families of our participants a chance to socialize in a Jewish community setting.

Contact Information

For more information on joining our circle, please contact Dana Lichtenberg at or 973-929-2936.

Need More Information?

Read testimonials from program participants here.

Watch a short video about the Mother's Circle program here.

Navigate the Mother's Circle National website.

Fall Class Information

Making Choices

October 7, 2010 


Location TBD

Participants will discuss the concept of making Jewish choices, contrast their religion of- origin to Judaism as a way of life, begin to formulate a list of goals for their children as Jews, and begin to articulate ways in which they can weave "doing Jewish" into the daily lives of their families.

What's Kosher? 

October 19, 2010


Whole Foods, 222 Main Street, Madison

Participants of our Mother's Circle and Empowering Ruth classes will have the opportunity to explore the aisles of Whole Foods in search of the various markings indicating that food items are kosher. 


October 28, 2010


Private Home

Participants will learn to chant and understand the blessings for lighting candles, identify the symbols associated with Hanukkah and will select and explore the Hanukkah traditions that they wish to bring into their homes.

Making a Jewish Home

December 16, 2010


Private Home

Participants will be learn about the terms "mikdash me'at" and "hiddur mitzvah," learn how to hold the "chanukat ha-bayit" ceremony when affixing a new mezuzah and will learn how to provide a Jewish context for bedtime in the form of the "sh'ma."

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Empowering Ruth



After Conversion Now What?

Every year, many women choose to convert to Judaism.  While all Jews-by-choice receive some kind of formal Jewish education, conversion classes tend to focus on the "whats" and "whys" of Judaism, not the "how-to's." 

That's why the Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI) developed the Empowering Ruth program, a course that offers women who have recently converted to Judaism practical, hands-on learning in Jewish living, home observance, new rituals, lifecycle events and much more.  This uniquely designed program piloted in New York City, and is now set to premier in our community this fall.

Fall Class Information

Negotiating Differences

September 28, 2010


Private Home

Participants learn the similarities and differences between the Jewish denominations, discuss challenges surrounding conversion policies in the various denominations and learn to apply different methods in approaching difficult conversations about conversion and Judaism.

What's Kosher? 

October 19, 2010


Whole Foods, 222 Main Street, Madison

Participants of our Mother's Circle and Empowering Ruth classes will have the opportunity to explore the aisles of Whole Foods in search of the various markings indicating that food items are kosher.

Hanukkah and Navigating the Jewish Gift Shop

November 2, 2010


Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael, 177 Speedwell Ave, Morristown

Participants will learn to navigate the challenges of family celebrations during the winter holiday season, hear various stories about the origins of Hanukkah, learn the place of women heroes in the Hanukkah story, celebrate Hanukkah in a meaningful and personal way and participate in Hanukkah rituals and activities, including lighting the menorah and playing dreidel.

Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah and Philanthropy

December 12, 2010


Alex Aidekman Family Jewish Community Campus, 901 Route 10, Whippany

What does it mean to that Jews are responsible for one another?  Learn about how we take care of one another and witness our community's largest annual call-a-thon. 



Want to know more?

Contact Dana Lichtenberg



Click here to learn more about the Empowering Ruth course.

Click here to join the national Empowering Ruth listerv, which provides a safe space for further learning and sharing of experiences.  

What we're Reading






The Complete How To Handbook for Jewish Living

by Kerry M. Olitzky and Ronald H. Isaacs (Jersey City: Ktav Publishing House, Inc., 2004)








Inventing Jewish Ritual by Vanessa Ochs (Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society, 2007)




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