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Learning is everywhere and we weave it into your child’s day in a nurturing, friendly, and safe environment that will prepare your child for the academic challenges ahead. We build self-awareness and self-esteem through a special ethics and values curriculum in an enriched environment full of language, reading, math, science, art, music, and fun.

Our Location

Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC, Ross Family Campus
760 Northfield Avenue, West Orange

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For more information, contact Michael Reisman, Director at 973-530-3479 (

Our Facilities

Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC, Ross Family Campus
• Full sized gym
• Two indoor heated pools
• Three outdoor playgrounds
• Large indoor play space
• Art facilities
• Theater performances
• Enrichment classes

Our Sharon & Stephen Seiden Early Childhood Center
• Bright and airy classrooms
• Library and teacher resource area
• Full Kitchen
• Dedicated, covered drop-off and pick-up area

Our Staff

Our Early Childhood staff are a group of caring, experienced educators committed to your child’s growth in our program. We believe in on-going training, maintain the highest standards in Early Childhood education and strive to provide the best program in an exciting, creative atmosphere. Plus, the JCC MetroWest swim and gym professionals guide our aquatics and physical education activities in the full-sized gym and indoor heated pools.






Nursery School
Part-time & full-time options 2-4 years

• Professional Certified Staff
• Hands-on Emergent Learning
• Sports & Fitness Instruction
• Swimming Instruction (3s, 4s, & Kindergarten)
• Judaic programming
• Indoor/Outdoor Play
• Math
• Reading
• Science
• Art
• Music
• Computer Skills
• Social Responsibility

Full Day Kindergarten
Child must turn 5 by Dec 31.

Extended Hours Available


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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Learning From Experience

The difference between just looking and really seeing-that is the JCC MetroWest Early Childhood experience. We believe that learning is everywhere and we weave it into your child's day in a nurturing, safe, and fun-filled environment that will prepare your child for the academic challenges ahead.

Our unique An Ethical Start® values curriculum, which is based on the teachings of Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of our Fathers, helps your child understand the world around him or her. Original books and music and lessons full of practical applications for daily living bring An Ethical Start® alive in the classroom. Jewish history, language, values, and ideas are all integrated into classroom life.

Children learn from experience. At JCC MetroWest, we provide the tools so they can grow and flourish.

A Different Way of Looking at the World

Appearances can be misleading. We want children to understand how important it is not to make judgments about people based on only what they see. Our goal is to open their eyes to a different way of looking at the world.

At JCC MetroWest, we look at your child as an individual who “can do” and we build his or her self-awareness and self-esteem. At the same time, we fuel their love of learning in an enriched environment full of reading, math, language, science, art, and music.

Our Programs

The Work of Children is Play

At JCC MetroWest, we want our children to develop a strong definition of self. Learning to be proactive and resolve differences are goals for all of our children. We encourage kind, caring behaviors. We place a great value on friendship.

The work of children is play-that is how they learn about the world. Children participate in regular activities that challenge their physical skills. Our secure children's wing includes a dedicated Early Childhood drop-off and pick-up area, large indoor play space, and a a children's library. Swim instruction is integrated into the day for our 4 and 5 year olds.

At the same time our children learn about themselves and the world, they learn to reach out and to care for others. Through our many options, you can build a program schedule to meet your child's needs.

Our Program Location:

Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC
Ross Family Campus
760 Northfield Avenue
West Orange


Michael Reisman M.Ed., Director, Early Childhood Services

Grace Kaplan M.S., Assistant Director, Early Childhood Services

Stephanie Martin M.A., Parent Place Program Director; Director of Early Childhood Camps

Cara Kirner M.A., JPlay Supervisor

Stephanie Adams,  Early Childhood Administrator

Courtney Naylor, Administrative Assistant





Our Programs

TWOS (2 to 2 1/2 year olds)

  • Two, three or five day 9:00–11:30am; can be extended through lunch program and enrichment activities
  • 7:30am–6:00pm* extended program offered.

THREES (3 year olds)

  • Three or five half days 9:00–11:30am; can be extended through lunch program and enrichment activities.
  • Five day programs 9:00am–2:00pm offered; can be extended through enrichment activities
  • 7:30am–6:00pm* extended program.

FOURS (4 year olds)

  • Five days 9:00am–2:00pm; can be extended through enrichment activitities
  • 7:30am–6:00pm* extended program offered.

KINDERGARTEN (5 year olds)

  • Five days 9:00am–3:00pm;
  • 7:30am–6:00pm* extended program offered through Kids Club


 *5:45pm on Fridays

Our Staff

Our Staff

The Early Childhood staff at JCC MetroWest is a group of caring, experienced educators committed to your child's growth in our program. Their warmth and concern makes our program a unique experience for each child.

A clinical social worker, from Jewish Family Services, regularly consults with staff, and instructors from our Sports & Wellness Department guide our physical education and aquatics activities. Our music specialist provides an appreciation of the arts and holidays for our children.

We believe in on-going training and maintain the highest standards in Early Childhood Education.


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Calendars & Forms


2013-2014 School Calendar

2013-2014 12month Extended Care Calendar

Camp Katan M/W/F

Camp Katan M-F

Camp Yeladim M/W/F

Camp Yeladim M-F

Camp Gadol 2:00

Camp Gadol 3:30

School Forms

Parent Forms


  • Challah to Go Program [pdf]
  • Butterfly Book [pdf]
  • Hot Lunch Program [pdf]

Early Childhood Parent Committee

  • Interest Sheet  [pdf]
  • Class Parent Form  [pdf]

FACTS Tuition Payment Sign-Up


Camp Forms

Enrollment Forms

  • Enrollment Form

Parent Forms

  • Camp Emergency Card
  • Camper Information Profile
  • Camp Consent Form
  • Camp Medication Form
  • Camper Request Card
  • Universal Health Form


  • Before and After Care (Camp Yeladim and Camp Gadol only)
  • Lunch Bunch (Camp Katan only)


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Special Events

Special Events at
Our School


Check back often to see what fun special events we are up to at our school!



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Ethical Start®

Ethical Start®

Our children participate in An Ethical Start curriculum. This is an exciting early childhood values curriculum, based on classical Jewish text, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fathers).

By focusing on values, the program goes beyond holidays and rituals to bring home the message that Jewish tradition is relevant every day. It helps direct children to turn ethical values into ethical behavior.

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