Slam Dunk League-Year One Wrap-Up

Slam Dunk Basketball League

The Slam Dunk Basketball League finished their season on Sunday, March 17.  The league was comprised of 10 teams in Grades K-4.  The league began on Sunday, December 2 with pre-season clinics and concluded with championship games on Sunday, March 17.  For the first time, JCC Metrowest and Sports Universe teamed up to run the league and what a league it was!  Games were played on Sunday afternoon and practices were held on Wednesday nights.  On Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons the gym was filled with energy and enthusiasm.  Each team played and practiced hard every week and as the season went on all teams were truly coming together on the court, while also forming friendships off the court!  The season concluded on Sunday, March 17 with an end of season party and trophy presentation!  A good time was had by all!  We can’t wait until next year!

First and Second Grade League

The Cavaliers 


Coach: Karim Springer

Players:Elijah Springer, Julian Duberstein, Gabe Adest, Andrew Martin, Jaime Levi, Ethan Kampel, Marissa Spiteri, Isaac Wise

From the Coach: "This past season I had the honor of coaching the Slam Dunk league at JCC Metro West, being my first time coaching it was a challenging yet fun experience. While coaching the Cavaliers I have seen a tremendous interests and progress in each and every child on my team. The Cavaliers not only played with their skills, but with their hearts even until the last second of the season against the Spurs. I am sure that this experience for me as well as the kids would increase our love for the game and encourage them to return for future seasons to come. " 

The Pistons


Coach: Wayne Strassman

Players: Jordan Serviss, Kyla Coley, Joseph Askin, Gabriel Strassman, Roniths Maan, Marco Gulino, and Gabe Halpern 

From the Coach: "The Pistons achievements should not be measured in wins and losses, but in the satisfaction each child  had  in playing as a team.  Together they learned the basics of basketball- passing, dribbling, shooting, offense, defense- and used these skills to develop as a group. There was Joey being tenacious all over the court and leading the offense on fast breaks.  Kyla, our point guard,  who started the season afraid to shoot and ended scoring her first basket. Ron being our Dennis Rodman on defense and shooting his first shots and  Gabe's improvement in ball control and shooting.  Marco hustling all over the court and developing on defense and Gabriel hitting long deep buzzer beating baskets.

We had equal team balance where five of our players actually scored points throughout the season. I'm very proud of the accomplishments this team made as a group and look forward to seeing them together hopefully next year.

1 - 2 - 3 - Go Pistons!" 

The Spurs

Coaches:  Matt Greenblatt and JR Carlucci

Players: Ben Otner, Edward Furey, Simon Glass, Aiden Haase, Evan Greenblatt, Jared Carlucci, and Nathan Goldberg

From the Coach: "What a year for the Spurs in the 1st and 2nd Grade league!  The group of Jared, Evan, Ben, Simon, Eddie, Nate and Aidan worked hard and accomplished so much – and had a tremendous amount of fun in the process.  This great group of kids had a goal from the start of the season – to finish the regular season undefeated and then win the championship, and that is exactly what they did!  They should all feel really proud of what they accomplished.  We know the know their coaches and parents are all proud of them!" 

The Thunder


Coach: Jewel Burnett 

Players: Leo Gold, Avi Tobin, Joshua Kirsch, Yonason Mathias, Jade Burnett, Alex Spiteri, Nikhil Prasad, Eli Slomovitz 

From the Coach: "The Thunder had a great season!  Each player began the season with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.  As the season progressed I saw tremendous growth in the skill and confidence level of each player.  The players learned the importance of teamwork and developed the ability to move the ball by making purposeful passes.  Jade became our go to point guard.  Her ability to dribble the ball up the court made her a natural.  Josh’s speed allowed him to be in the right place at the right time to make the tough shots.  Leo’s persistence drove him to the basket each game and resulted in points for the team.  Alex was able to perfect his dribble and move the ball successfully on offensive plays. Nikhil perfected his defensive skills while alerting his team to stay engaged.  We watched Avi remain calm under pressure and make critical passes to his team mates.  Eli was a great asset to the upper 2-3 defensive play.  Yohnasin used his height advantage to smash the boards and make many crucial tough shots under the basket.  The entire team learned to play defense and became the gnats that wouldn’t stop buzzing in their opponents’ ears.  Overall we had an amazing season and I enjoyed every moment of it.  The kids were great!" 

Third and Fourth Grade League

The Cavaliers

Coach: Evan Bashoff

Players: Guy Rettig, Jeremy Liebman, Eli Fishbein, Alex Massung, Jesse Koppel, and Binyamin Mathias

From the Coach: "The Cavaliers had a great season and finished as undefeated league champions!  Every player on the team contributed and improved their skills this season.  We all had a great time!" 

The Pistons

Coaches: Ben Adler and Scott Levy

Players: Ronen Adler, Mason Spring, Ben Haase, Tyler Levy, Daniel Haber, Max Orbach, and Jonah Traub

From the Coach: "What a season the Piston's had this year! We started out as a motley group of kids with varying degrees of basketball skill, but as the months went on we slowly became a team that learned how to work together and play for each other. We had some low points when we got frustrated, but sometimes those moments help you learn and grow. You could really see the development in the last three games. First we tied the Cavs after losing to them by 20 points the previous time we met. Then in the first playoff game we lost a heartbreaker to the Spurs by 2 points despite playing a great game. Finally we secured 3rd place in the final, and most dramatic, game of the season, winning by 2 in an overtime buzzer beater over the Thunder. I am so proud of this team who really came together and improved. It was a great honor to be their coach. I learned a lot, and I hope the kids did as well. Finally I want to thank coach Scott Levy for for all his help." 

The Spurs

Coaches: Erik Cunningham and John Paul Basile

Players: Ben Orbach, Oren Ramer, Naasir Cunningham, Ben Albert, Florence Basile, Michael Lurie, Gabe Yecko, Noah Glass 

From the Coach: "The Spurs season was amazing. We started out a list of names on a roster sheet with coach John Paul and Coach Erik placed at the top. Over the course of the season we grew from a list of names into the team of Naasir, Oren, Ben, Benjamin, Florence, Michael, Noah, and Gabe and together as Team Spurs we were able to place second overall in the 3rd and 4rd grade division. We practiced hard and we played even harder and each week we gave all the parents and anyone watching something to cheer for and while all of that was going on we managed to have a lot of fun doing it. Wow what a season! 1-2-3 Go Spurs!" 

The Thunder

Coaches: Matt Greenblatt and Steve Berger

Players: Robbie Gold, Ezra Tobin, Satch Berger, Henry Elliott, Jeffrey Greenblatt, Miles Handelman, and Jacob Blaney

 From the Coach: "The Thunder were a team that far outshined their record.  The team was comprised of a great group of young men who had a lot of fun, worked very hard and played very well together.  The group of Miles, Robby, Ezra, Henry, Jake, Jeff and Satch should really be proud of the way they grew as individual players and a team to really make some noise in the playoffs!" 


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