Shabbat Stop

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Shabbat Stop

November 20, 2011


JCC MetroWest Parent Place, 760 Northfield Ave, West Orange

$18 per family

During the week we work, play and go to school. Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest. We will explore the customs, traditions and ritual items of Shabbat, while reading books with related themes. Young children will enjoy creating their own special box filled with everything needed to celebrate Shabbat at home.

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The Shabbat Box
Every week someone in Ira's class gets to take the Shabbat box home from school. When it is finally his turn, he loses the box on the way home from school. He and his mother work together to create a new Shabbat box.
We will create our own Shabbat Box and learn about the items that will go into our boxes.
Sammy Spider's First Shabbat
Sammy watches as Mrs. Shapiro and Josh get ready for Shabbat. While he watches them braid the challah he braids his own web.
We will braid our own challah babies and create challah covers to be used at the Shabbat table.
My First Shabbat Book
Explore the vibrant pictures of the symbols and customs of Shabbat. This book depicts the day of rest, visually.
We will create our own tzedakah boxes and talk about different family customs and traditions.
Dinosaur on Shabbat
The lovable rhyming dinosaur delights everyone! In this book he spends Shabbat and learns the rituals of Havdalah, the end of Shabbat.
As our class comes to a close, we will explore the rituals of Havdalah and create our own special spice balls.

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