Racquetball is a sport that is fun and provides an excellent workout.  It can be played as both a recreational and competitive game.  Play Racquetball at JCC MetroWest and reap the benefits of this year round sport including: building cardiovascular and muscular endurance, developing agility and flexibility, increasing hand/eye coordination, burning calories, and HAVING FUN!





The JCC has two full-size racquetball courts, which include maple wood floors, enlarged glass doors, and an upstairs viewing area.  The courts are used for matches between members as well as league play.

 Court Rules:

  1.  Make a reservation and show up on time.
  2. Check in upon arrival with the receptionist at Steiner Court.
  3.  Court shoes (white soled) are suggested footwear.
  4.  Warm up and stretch before playing.
  5.  Eat right prior to playing. Hydrate properly before and duringplay.
  6.  Wear safety glasses when on the court.
  7.  Always knock before entering a court. Players could still be playing.
  8.  Be courteous of other players and show respect.


Court Polices:

The primary use of the 4 wall courts is for Racquetball, Paddleball and Handball. However when the courts are not being used for one of its primary purposes it is acceptable to play Tennis, Badminton, and Pickle Ball.


The courts can only be reserved for the primary sports and those sports have priority over the courts.



Racquetball leagues for adults are currently being offered on an ongoing basis throughout the year. We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced leagues so players of all skill levels can compete where they feel most comfortable.  Tournaments are played in a round robin style on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.



Racquetball reservations can be made in person at the Steiner Court Reception Desk or by calling 973-530-3406.   

Reservation Policy:

  1. Only members can reserve a court. Non-member partners will need to purchase a guest pass before playing.
  2. Reservations are taken up to 7 days in advance.
  3. No back to back bookings will be taken.
  4. Upon arrival, check in with the receptionist.
  5. After a 15 minute grace period, your court will be released and a $5 no show fee will be charged to the members that booked the court.
  6. Please cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance to avoid the $5 no show fee.



For more information about our Racquetball Programs please contact Matthew Fox at 973-530-3404 or

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