Personal Training In The Pool

Discover the Difference
that Water Training Makes!

Group Personal Training in the Pool - Sign up for Anti-Gravity!

Whether you are looking to improve your cardiovascular endurance or rehabilitate a chronic source of pain, working out in the water is the answer. Making aquatic exercise part of your training program allows you to work longer in your training zone and use more fat as a fuel source.

Water's buoyancy helps release you from the forces of gravity and lets your body move in ways that it could not move on land. Participants will enjoy the versatile workouts in the water - swimming knowledge is not required!

Take advantage of these Group Personal Training in the Pool Sessions and get an individually designed program that includes both resistance and aerobic training while reducing direct impact on the joints.(3 person minimum-5 person maximum per session).
All sessions are 50 minutes.

Spring Schedule

Monday - 9:30am - Andi Hopkins 
Wednesday - 9:00am - Carol Kane
Friday - 8:45am - Andi Hopkins

Sign up NOW at Fitness Reception or Steiner Court at these affordable rates!
First 3 sessions - $75 (limited to one package per client)
10 session package - $300
All Sessions are 50 minutes.

NEW! Anti_Gravity One-to-One Personal Training in the Pool
Sessions by Appointment: $65/Session • $600/set of 10 sessions
All sessions are 50 minutes

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