Group Fitness Class Descriptions

20-20-20 Try this class and get a total body workout in an hour.  Cardiovascular exercise will be combined with strength training activities. 

AB ATTACK 15 minutes of concentrated abdominal work targeting the obliques and upper & lower abs.

AFEP (Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program) People with arthritis can exercise using gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion.  With the guidance of a certified Arthritis Foundation Instructor, you will learn exercises to maintain muscle strength and increase flexibility.

AFAP (Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program) With the guidance of a certified Arthritis Foundation Instructor, you will perform gentle activities in warm water which allows exercise without excess strain on your joints and muscles.

ANGELA'S BODY SHOP Tune up your body with Angela as she surprises you with a different workout every week.  You're gonna get your butt kicked!

AQUA BOOT CAMP an intense, non-stop workout that combines interval/circuit training, with cardiovascular conditioning, core, strength training, and muscle conditioning; all with the added challenges of buoyancy, resistance, and water movement.  Great for cross training.  Athletes, are you up for the challenge?  Knowledge of basic swimming with comfort in deep water required.

AQUA CARDIO BLAST Aqua Cardio Blast is all about matching the music and the moves.  Pump up your hearts while we pump up the jam.

AQUATIC CARDIO CIRCUIT Get your cardiovascular conditioning in the pool following a series of exercies in a circuit format.


AQUA INTENSITY This is an INTENSE and invigorating cardiovascular workout in the wayer with an emphasis on abdominal strengthening and toning.  Equipment may be used.

AQUA PILATES These new aqua exercises challenge your stability, core strength, and develop your breathing in a way that traditional Pilates cannot.

AQUA STRENGTH Rethink your workout and include a day or two of cross training in the pool!  Experience resistance training and work your muscles by using the resistive properties of water.  You do not need to be a swimmer, but you must be comfortable in deep water. 

A.S.A.P. Abs, Spine, & Posture 45-minutes of targeted core training.  Your abs will be a little tighter, and you'll stand a little taller when it's over.

AT THE BARRE A workout at the ballet bar that is a combination of the fundamentals of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, and weight training to tone arms, abdominals, thighs, and rear.

BABY AND ME STROLL AND BE FIT Pushing a stroller with the added weight of your baby (and all his gear) turns a simple walk into a fat-burning and endurance-building activity. It also gives you an opportunity to bond with your baby—and other new moms. The best part? No babysitter required.

BABY AND ME YOGA The class is designed for the new mom and baby. The class is fun and lighthearted, creating a deeper bond between mom and baby. The class is well integrated for both baby and mom including: Baby yoga movements and massage for the baby, and challenging do-able yoga poses for the mom to increase flexibility and strength. Dads or caregivers can also partake in the class instead of mom.

BARRE BURN This is the ultimate barre workout inspired by classical dance and pilates.  Your total body will be toned using precise movements at the ballet barre.

BODY 180 Try this new twist on sculpting.  Lengthen and redefine your body.  Stabalize your core and shape your silhouette from bottom to top.

BODY WORK Try this total body workout that incorporates weights and light cardio.  You'll leave feeling like you've exercised your entire body.

CALLANETICS/Studio C Known as Studio C in Israel, one word describes this class: UNIQUE.  By isolating muscle groups and using tiny, precise (yet powerful) movements, callanetics exercises tighten and reshape your body while increasing strength, flexibility and body alignment.

CARDIO BLAST! Each week there will be a surprise intense cardio routine of the instructor's choice so you can guarantee you will have your butt kicked hard no matter what they choose. 

CARDIO CIRCUIT An intense high impact workout that incorporates jumping rope, cardio drills and whole body toning and core conditioning.  AQUA CARDIO CIRCUIT takes all the benefits of a cardio circuit and puts them in the pool.

CARDIO KICKBOXING This intense class combines traditional kickboxing moves to develop, strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness.  Get all your aggressions out in this calorie burning workout!

CARDIO SCULPT Cardio and muscular conditioning exercises packed into an easy-to-follow workout.  It can be modified for every level of fitness.

CARDIO TONE This is what you get when you combine low impact aerobics with some basic strength training exercises- a total body workout that's easy on the joints. 

CORE CUTS 30 minutes of Core: Back/Adbominal work....OUCH!  NOW GET YOUR CORE IN THERE!

C.S.I. Cardio Strength Interval Fusing together cardio and strength segments, this class will give you an effective body workout in only 45-minutes. 

FOREVER FIT- Classes for the Older Adult Cardio Circuit- Increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as balance, agility, and coordination using balls and bands.  Also offered is AQUA FOREVER FIT where all of the above is done in the water for an exhilarating class.

HATHA YOGA A traditional Hatha (meaning physical) Yoga class based on an ancient form of movement that promotes balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation through various asanas (postures) and breathing techniques.  Yoga clears the mind, improves concentration, develops inner peace and enhances your overall well-being.

HIP HOP YOGILATES Yoga and Pilates to Hip Hop and R&B music.  The theme: freedom allowing boundless self-expression and a really good time!  Come experience fun, creative sequencing and a new, urban twist on Vinyasa Flow Yoga and traditional Pilates.

HOT BODY BLAST Spend 60 minutes with Lisa, and your clothes will fit a little better.  This class targets all your problem areas while working on your cardiovascular conditioning at the same time.

*INDOOR CYCLING A vigorous cardio class without comparison.  Start pedaling and let go as your instructor takes you on the ride of your life.  This class uses stationary bikes- perfect for any fitness enthusiast, recreational cyclist, or serious racer.

JUMP, JAB, & PUMP Another intense high impact workout that incorporates jumping rope, boxing jabs and punches along with whole body toning and core conditioning using various equipment.

KICK AND PUMP Get yourself a complete lower body workout combining strengthening body weight exercises like squats and lunges with power exercises like kicks and jumps. 

LOW IMPACT AEROBICS WITH WEIGHTS Low impact cardio with movements designed to provide options for students to easily modify.  Light weights are incorporated to prevent loss of muscle and bone density.

MEDITATION CLASS Meditation is a practice of letting go of stress and stilling the mind.  It also helps us find peace and a deeper sense of the spiritual in our lives.  This class is for everyone who wants a healthier outlook in life.

MONDAY KICK OFF! Summer is coming and what better way to start your week off than with a good workout.  Reggie will throw everything in to get you sweating and svelte.  Cardio, resistance training and some core work on the mat at the end.

PILATES Based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training.  It improves posture, strengthens and stabilizes the core, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up.

POWER YOGA A vigorous form of Yoga also known as Vinyasa Ashtanga.  Participants move through a series of powerful moves and practive postures that focus on strength, flexibility, and muscular stamina.  Best for those with some yoga experience.

PRE-NATAL YOGA Prenatal Yoga provides a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere where you can enhance the bonding process with your baby while supporting the development and strengthening of your body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy. The yoga exercises and postures, deep breathing techniques, and mantras greatly impact the quality of your pregnancy and birth experience as well as the many changes your body and emotions go through after the baby arrives.

P.S. STRETCH (Formerly YogaStretch) combines traditional stretching with a touch of yoga and pilates to increase flexibility and range of motion.  As a guided session, it promotes relaxation and focus.  Step into class after a vigorous workout or as a stand alone session.  We guarantee you will walk out feeling great!

S.O.S. Seniors on Strength This dynamic combo of strength development and cardio conditioning for the active older adult focuses on simple choreography and basic functional exercises using balls and bands while improving their ability to complete daily activities with ease.  Balance and coordination is also worked on.

STEP 360 Strength and Core Using the revolutionary STEP 360, get a total body workout that incorporates body weight exercises as well as resistance bands.

STEP-N-SCULPT Easy to follow step drills done on the step combined with high-powered sculpting moves that will take you to a new fitness level.

STEP-KARDIO-KICK-KOMBO This class will start out as a traditional step lass and then morph into so much more, combining cardio kickboxing and other drills into an hour that's sure to get your heart pumping. 

STRAIGHT UP STEP Creative choreography on an adjustable platform with movements on and around the bench, plus core work.  Step class still holds its popularity for a great cardio workout since the 80s. 

TAI CHI CHIH is a set of movements completely focused on the development of an intrinsic energy called Chi.  It's easy to learn.

TOTAL BODY BLAST A targeted toning routine that works every muscle in your body and teaches you weight training basics.  Various types of strenght training equipment are incorporated.  Also offered is AQUA BODY BLAST doing the same but in the water.

*TREKKING- The Treadmill Workout let's face it...the treadmill can get boring and you also might not be getting the benefits from it that you could.  Trekking is led by an instructor that for 45 minutes takes you on a walk/run adventure really challenging your heart rate and motivating you the whole time.  Note: You must reserve a treadmill.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA This class links postures together in a dynamic rhythm with the breah.  It is important to know the basics as the class flows at a moderate pace.  Focus in on deepening your awareness and alignment in postures.

WARM VINYASA YOGA  This class takes a traditional vinyasa flow yoga class with the linked postures and breathing and adds a new element.  You will turn your yoga practice up a notch while performing poses in an environment with a slightly elevated temperature.  It is important to know the basics as the class flows at a moderate pace.  Focus is on deepening our awareness and alignment in postures. 

WATER YOGA Yoga in the pool you say?  Yes, it's true.  As the water buoys up the body, it makes balancing posese easier than on land.  This class is for everyone, especially for those who haven ot had a good experience in standard yoga classes with intimidating postures.

YOGA FOR MEN A Yoga class specifically designed for men to gain flexibility in this no nonsense, basic Hatha Yoga class taught by a man who recovered from injuries through Yoga and is passionate about encouraging men to try it.

YOGA STRETCH REST & RELAXATION for the mind and body....Ahhhhh.  That's the goal of thise class.  It begins with an invigorating basic Sun Salutation to help with circulation in the body and then delves right into gentle yoga stretches followed by relaxation/mediation.

YOGAEROBICS uses the ancient practice of Yoga to create a great aerobic workout

YOU GOTTA STRETCH!  We all know this is true, but many of us don't take the time to do it after we have done a good workout.  This class is for those guys and gals who just want to stretch out their muscles after a class or a workout on the fitness floor.

ZUMBA Using a fusion of Latin and International music, ZUMBA is a Latin inspired dance program which includes Merenge, Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, and Calypso just to name a few.  Let yourself go to the Latin rhythms from around the world.

ZUMBA GOLD (good for beginners) Created from the original Zumba, this class brings all those Latin rhythms to the active older adult and beginner participant.

ZUMBA TONING takes the original Zumba cardio class to the next level utilizing an innovative muscle training protocol and the addition of light weight dumbbells.  So you'll have as much fun as you do in Zumba while strengthening your muscles and toning your body.

AQUA ZUMBA  Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines.  This class blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that's cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief. 


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