Mother's Circle

Are you a mother raising Jewish children...but you're not Jewish?

Don't do it alone!!!!!

The Mother's Circle is an umbrella of FREE educational programs and resources for non-Jewish women raising Jewish children within the context of intermarriage or committed relationship.

There are three levels of participation for The Mother's Circle

1. Mother's Circle: The Course focuses on Jewish rituals, traditions, ethics, and the how-to's of creating a Jewish home. Through the course participants are able to connect with women who are in similar situations. The curriculum combines both learning and sharing. The course facilitator brings knowledge and experience, but the participants shape the dialogue as they bring their various experiences and backgrounds to the group.

2. National Listserv: The listserv is a moderated discussion allowing women across the country to share their experiences with other women like themselves. The listserv is the best place to ask questions and get practical answers. Sign up here

3. Fun Family Events: Events will be sponsored by The Mother's Circle in our community. These events will provide the families of our participants a chance to socialize in a Jewish community setting.

Contact Information

For more information on joining our circle, please contact Dana Lichtenberg at or 973-929-2936.

Need More Information?

Read testimonials from program participants here.

Watch a short video about the Mother's Circle program here.

Navigate the Mother's Circle National website.

Fall Class Information

Making Choices

October 7, 2010 


Location TBD

Participants will discuss the concept of making Jewish choices, contrast their religion of- origin to Judaism as a way of life, begin to formulate a list of goals for their children as Jews, and begin to articulate ways in which they can weave "doing Jewish" into the daily lives of their families.

What's Kosher? 

October 19, 2010


Whole Foods, 222 Main Street, Madison

Participants of our Mother's Circle and Empowering Ruth classes will have the opportunity to explore the aisles of Whole Foods in search of the various markings indicating that food items are kosher. 


October 28, 2010


Private Home

Participants will learn to chant and understand the blessings for lighting candles, identify the symbols associated with Hanukkah and will select and explore the Hanukkah traditions that they wish to bring into their homes.

Making a Jewish Home

December 16, 2010


Private Home

Participants will be learn about the terms "mikdash me'at" and "hiddur mitzvah," learn how to hold the "chanukat ha-bayit" ceremony when affixing a new mezuzah and will learn how to provide a Jewish context for bedtime in the form of the "sh'ma."

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