Meditation & Yoga

A Stress-Free Space for You

Our brand new Heath & Healing Center Meditation Room is available for you to relax, meditate, and open your mind. Or choose from a variety of Meditation classes and learn to go to the quiet, more still place within yourself.

Check out our Group Exercise Schedule to see our Meditation classes and Open Sit times.



JCC MetroWest has many Yoga options to choose from-develop flexibility and tone while easing tension.

Check out our Group Exercise Schedule to see our Yoga classes and times.

Classes include:


A traditional Hatha (meaning physical) Yoga class based on an ancient form of movement that promotes balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation through various asanas (postures) and breathing techniques. Yoga clears the mind, improves concentration, develops inner peace and enhances your overall wellbeing. All fitness levels welcome.


Choose the level that is appropriate for you. A vigorous form of Yoga also known as Vinyasa Ashtanga. Participants move through a series of powerful moves that focus on strength, flexibility, and muscular stamina. Best for those with some Yoga experience.


This class links postures together in a dynamic rhythm with the breath. It is important to know the basics as the class flows at a moderate pace and deepening our awareness and alignment in postures.


Yoga in the Pool! Water buoys up the body and makes balancing poses easier than on land. This class is for everyone, especially for those who have not had a great experience in a standard Yoga class with intimidating postures.


A combination of Yoga and Pilates. Using techniques from Pilates, the instructor challenges your core and helps improve your posture and strengthen your back. Using gentle Yoga postures and stretches you also work on improving your flexibility......all in this one fusion class.


Meditation is quieting of the mind, letting go of stress, and finding inner stillness. It helps us feel less overwhelmed and agitated and helps us become more focused and aware. It is an important practice leading to a healthier life-style and more spiritual and mindful outlook. Class includes discussion on the practice of meditation and instruction on the technique. Beginner and experienced meditators are welcome. Taught by Karen Frank, RN and Certified Spiritual Director.

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