Kids Gym Enrichment Classes

Fitness Made Fun for Kids

For ages 12 months - 5 years

Kids Gym enrichment Classes help children achieve their physical and social goals as they grow in their own way, at their own pace while having fun!

Classes are designed to enhance your child's physical skills, including fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and sports preparation. All of this, is achieved in a non-competitive, fun atmosphere.

For more information, contact
Sherri Feldscher 973-530-3425

Please note: Not all classes offered each semester.

Adventures in Gym

Supervised open gym time for children in the 2+ classes. Children will be given balls, hoops, scooters, beanbags, frisbees, bowling pins and more to use. Slides, tunnels, balance beams, and obstacle courses will also be explored.

All Sorts of Sports

If it is a sport they will play it.  If you can say it, they will play it.  If you can kick it, hit it, or throw it, they will play it.

Basketball and T-Ball

Learn the skills for basketball and t-ball with fun drills and game-like situations.

Gym Games

This class includes sports and games. Learn the basics of team sports and also play fun games including tag games, running games and more.

Gym Jam I and II

Children (with help from Parent) jump, climb, hang, tumble, slide and balance their way to fitness. Confidence, coordination and socialization develop through circle games and group play with parachutes, ball and hoops. Sneakers required for all.

Gym Potpourri

Something new and exciting each class. Children will have fun playing gym games, obstacle courses and using balls, hoops, parachutes, bean bags and more.

Gymmie Bears

Gymnastics class designed for the preschooler. Learn forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and more. Class also includes use of balance beam, uneven bars and vaulting.

Hoops Clinic

This class will incorporate unique skills and drills for basketball. Class time will focus on: shooting technique, dribbling, passing, offensive/defensive play, positioning, and game strategies. All participants will compete in atual game settings.

Individual Sports and Tennis Too

Enjoy our indoor miniature golf course. Bowl a strike and a spare. Run and jump on our indoor track. Play tennis with small rackets, low nets and foam tennis balls.


This class was developed to meet the needs and interests of preschoolers entering the martial arts. Students learn self-control, respect of others and discipline, coordination, flexibility, strength, and conflict resolution through the use of nonaggression. Class size will be limited.

Kids Yoga

It's fun and creative. It builds self-esteem and confidence. It increases concentration and attention. It's Kids Yoga! Through music, games, stories, and laughter, your child will discover the magic of yoga.

Lacrosse Clinic

This class will incorporate unique skills and drills to introduce your child to the sports of lacrosse. Class time will focus on: footwork/agility, stick work, proper throwing, shooting and passing and game play.  All participants will compete in actual game settings.


Dribbling, passing, shooting! Learn the skills for soccer with fun drills and game-like situations.

Soccer and Basketball

Learn, practice and improve your soccer and basketball skills through fun drills and game like situations. Dribbling! Passing! Shooting! Teamwork!  Members only.  If the class is full, please call 973-530-3423 to be placed on the wait list.

Soccer and Flag Football

Improve your soccer, and flag football skills through fun drills with an emphasis on teamwork and plenty of time for games!

Sports and Games

Expose your child to a variety of different sports including t-ball and basketball. Fun drills and game like situations. This class also includes fun games such as tag games, running games, cooperative games and more.

Sports Club for Girls and Boys

Introduce your child to a variety of sports including flag football, basketball, t-ball and more. Classes will include drills to teach children the basics of these sports in a fun, stimulating atmosphere.


Children learn to play tennis with smaller rackets, lower nets and foam tennis balls.

Tumbling Tots

Introduce your child to tumbling. Class will include forward rolls, backward rolls, head stands, handstands, and cartwheels. class will include obstacle courses as well.


Simple dances and creative movements done to Latin music in a fun and educational environment.

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