Jewish Plays Project

Jewish Plays Project

JCC Metrowest is happy to announce its support and collaboration with the Jewish Plays Project — a Jewish incubator group that seeks to, " a gateway to Jewish identity and participation by exploding the timeline of the theater experience — inviting Jews to study and imagine Jewish plays alongside the artists who make them."

JCC MetroWest Announces Jewish Playwriting Contest

An Engagement Between Cutting-Edge Theater Artists and Jewish Audiences

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JCC MetroWest and the Jewish Plays Project (JPP) are excited to announce a competition for full-length plays with Jewish themes. Evaluated through a curated jury process followed by a live selection event, the Jewish Playwriting Contest will give equal voice to Jewish artists and audiences in creating Jewish theater for the 21st century.

Each script will be reviewed by a Community Panel of up to 30 lay leaders involved in the MetroWest Jewish community who will score the play on the clarity, importance, and personal connection of the Jewish ideas in the play. A separate Artistic Panel of noted actors, directors, writers, and academics will evaluate scripts for their aesthetic value, structural & stylistic innovation, and production feasibility. Submissions are due on November 1, with three finalists being announced on December 20.

The three finalists will be given a rare opportunity to participate in JCC MetroWest's Txt2Thtr Event. This event will feature staged selections at the Maurice Levin Theater, Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC, 760 Northfield Avenue, West Orange on Wednesday, February 15 from three plays, along with a director and designer's production concept. This audience will give real-time feedback to the selection committee by responding to a text-message survey on their cell phones. At the end of the night, a winner will be announced.

The winning play will be presented in a workshop by the JPP at Manhattan's 14th Street Y Theatre in June, 2012.

The contest is open to artists of all backgrounds and faiths. ELIGIBILITY: Full-length plays which deal with Jewish themes that have never been produced in the New York Metro Region. It may not be a musical or an "ethnically stereotypical comedy."

Each submission must be emailed as an attachment to, and must include:

  1. A pdf of the full text of the play, with the writer's name removed from ALL pages.
  2. The writer's resume.

Each submitting playwright must also fill out the JPC Application form, which is available on the Project's website: There is no fee, but there is a one (1) submission per person rule.

Individuals involved in leadership positions in the MetroWest Jewish community are encouraged to apply to the Community Panel of Readers.

ABOUT THE JEWISH PLAYS PROJECT: The Jewish Plays Project is a development house for 21st century Jewish theater. We seek to ignite an explosive engagement between cutting-edge theater artists and Jewish audiences by developing and advocating for a new generation of plays and musicals that embrace and investigate the intersection of Jewish identity and secular self.


David Winitsky
Director, Jewish Plays Project

Carol Berman
Director, Gaelen Center for the Arts


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