Grandparent's Circle

Grandparent's Circle

The Grandparent's Circle is a FREE education and support program for grandparents whose adult children have intermarried. These grandparents often feel unsure of how they can cultivate the Jewish identities of their grandchildren, especially when it is not always clear as to whether or not those children are being raised as Jews.

What is Grandparent's Circle?

The Grandparent's Circle is a comprehensive program that offers grandparents skills and techniques to nurture, and in some cases establish, their interfaith grandchildren's Jewish identities. It also provides participants with a supportive and open-minded environment to share their achievements, express their frustrations and acknowledge their challenges.

Through the Grandparent's Circle course, participants will understand how they can be Jewish role models for their grandchildren by sharing Jewish behaviors and actions with their grandchildren in a natural, uncontrived way. Participants will learn the impact of using a variety of means to regularly communicate with their grandchildren and how to incorporate Judaism into those communications. Participants will understand the necessity of learning about their grandchildren's interests and will understand the importance of incorporating their grandchildren's interests into Jewish activities in which they engage their grandchildren.

By reflecting on their own Jewish experiences, participants will be able to share with their grandchildren through engaging and exciting storytelling techniques and will recognize ways they can include their grandchildren in Jewish activities in which they already take part. Most importantly, participants will learn to create meaningful and engaging Jewish experiences to share with their grandchildren.

Classes Now Forming for Fall 2011

For more information on joining our circle, please contact Dana Lichtenberg at or 973-929-2936.

Read more about the Grandparent's Circle in this article published in the Forward.

Grandparent's Circle National Listserv

The Grandparent's Circle National Listserv is an online discussion group that allows Jewish grandparents with interfaith grandchildren to share their experiences with each other - as easy as sending email! The National Listserve is a place to ask questions and get practical answers. The listserve is open to all Jewish grandparents with interfaith grandchildren whether or not they have taken the course. Sign up here.

Still Need More Information?

Read testimonials here.

Check out the Grandparent's Circle National website

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