Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Learning From Experience

The difference between just looking and really seeing-that is the JCC MetroWest Early Childhood experience. We believe that learning is everywhere and we weave it into your child's day in a nurturing, safe, and fun-filled environment that will prepare your child for the academic challenges ahead.

Our unique An Ethical Start® values curriculum, which is based on the teachings of Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of our Fathers, helps your child understand the world around him or her. Original books and music and lessons full of practical applications for daily living bring An Ethical Start® alive in the classroom. Jewish history, language, values, and ideas are all integrated into classroom life.

Children learn from experience. At JCC MetroWest, we provide the tools so they can grow and flourish.

A Different Way of Looking at the World

Appearances can be misleading. We want children to understand how important it is not to make judgments about people based on only what they see. Our goal is to open their eyes to a different way of looking at the world.

At JCC MetroWest, we look at your child as an individual who “can do” and we build his or her self-awareness and self-esteem. At the same time, we fuel their love of learning in an enriched environment full of reading, math, language, science, art, and music.


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