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After Conversion Now What?

Every year, many women choose to convert to Judaism.  While all Jews-by-choice receive some kind of formal Jewish education, conversion classes tend to focus on the "whats" and "whys" of Judaism, not the "how-to's." 

That's why the Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI) developed the Empowering Ruth program, a course that offers women who have recently converted to Judaism practical, hands-on learning in Jewish living, home observance, new rituals, lifecycle events and much more.  This uniquely designed program piloted in New York City, and is now set to premier in our community this fall.

Fall Class Information

Negotiating Differences

September 28, 2010


Private Home

Participants learn the similarities and differences between the Jewish denominations, discuss challenges surrounding conversion policies in the various denominations and learn to apply different methods in approaching difficult conversations about conversion and Judaism.

What's Kosher? 

October 19, 2010


Whole Foods, 222 Main Street, Madison

Participants of our Mother's Circle and Empowering Ruth classes will have the opportunity to explore the aisles of Whole Foods in search of the various markings indicating that food items are kosher.

Hanukkah and Navigating the Jewish Gift Shop

November 2, 2010


Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael, 177 Speedwell Ave, Morristown

Participants will learn to navigate the challenges of family celebrations during the winter holiday season, hear various stories about the origins of Hanukkah, learn the place of women heroes in the Hanukkah story, celebrate Hanukkah in a meaningful and personal way and participate in Hanukkah rituals and activities, including lighting the menorah and playing dreidel.

Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah and Philanthropy

December 12, 2010


Alex Aidekman Family Jewish Community Campus, 901 Route 10, Whippany

What does it mean to that Jews are responsible for one another?  Learn about how we take care of one another and witness our community's largest annual call-a-thon. 



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What we're Reading






The Complete How To Handbook for Jewish Living

by Kerry M. Olitzky and Ronald H. Isaacs (Jersey City: Ktav Publishing House, Inc., 2004)








Inventing Jewish Ritual by Vanessa Ochs (Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society, 2007)




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